Toothaches can range from mild sore to extreme throbbing pain. It could be too painful that sometimes could become unbearable that you can’t even get yourself to go to the nearest dentist. That is why it’s important to know that there are several home remedies that can help ease the excruciating pain caused by a toothache.

Toothaches are usually caused by cavities, gum infection, cracked tooth, loose filling, exposed tooth root or some other problem. Please take note that these home remedies are just temporary, and the permanent resolution for toothaches is still to be determined by your dentist. So as soon as the pain has subsided, it is still necessary to visit your dentist.

As enumerated in the website, some of the natural remedies for toothaches are the following:

  1. Vanilla, Almond, Peppermint, or Lemon Extract

The extracts from any of these could help temporarily ease the pain caused by your toothache. You can use a cotton ball or swab to apply the extract to your ailing tooth. Simply soak your cotton ball or swab to the extract and then hold that soaked-cotton to the affected area for a minute or so.

  1. Oils

Several oils contain anti-inflammatory properties that can temporarily relieve you from the pain caused by toothaches. Oils like sunflower oil, sesame oil, oregano oil, nutmeg oil, clove oil, and tea tree oil are among these oils that have these anti-inflammatory properties. You can either rinse your mouth with a small amount of oil mixed with water or apply it directly to the area with a cotton swab or cotton ball.

  1. Leaves and Roots

There are also leaves and roots that can be used as natural remedy for toothaches. The leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, while the roots have antibacterial properties. These can both help relieve the pain and soreness. Some of the leaves and roots that can be used as treatment are plantain leaves, peppermint leaves, ginger root, and garlic.

If you’ll be using plantain or peppermint leaves, you just need to chew on the leaves to release the extracts and then hold some pieces of leaves over the affected area.

With garlic, you need to crush it and apply it directly to the sore area. You can also add some rock salt into the crushed garlic to increase pain reduction.

If you have ginger at home, just chew on a fresh ginger, and that’s it. That should give you pain relief in a minute or so.

  1. Citrus

Lemons and limes have high amount of citric acid and vitamin C. Aside from boosting the immune system, these properties can also destroy bacteria. Cut the lemons or limes into slices. Partially bite a piece to release the juice and apply it on the affected area.

  1. Salt and hot water

These are probably the easiest one to get among the natural remedies mentioned since salt and hot water are already typically present in the kitchen in every household. This natural home remedy has long been known in relieving the pain caused by toothaches. Once you gargle with the salt and hot water solution, the fluids from the gums that cause the irritation will be flushed out. You can mix one tablespoon of rock salt in a glass of hot or warm water to make the solution.

Although there are so many natural remedies you can find to cure a toothache, prevention is always better than cure. Dental health is very important in a person’s well-being. Not only that the teeth’s condition affects a person’s physical appearance, but it also affects other parts of your body internally. Unhealthy teeth can cause several health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections, increased risk of dementia, and diabetic complications. Take care of your teeth by brushing two to three times a day. Regular visit to your dentist will also lower the risk of developing teeth and gum problems.

What to do if natural remedies don’t work

If natural remedies don’t work for you then you need to consult your dentist. There are certain scenarios where a natural remedy just isn’t sufficient and in these case you may need some physical work done – it may be that you need one of your teeth removing or perhaps you need a filling or it may be that you have a serious inflammation of your gums and you need that to be looked at and taken care of by a professional dentist.

There are lots of options when considering the right dentist and they don’t have to be expensive.

NHS Dental Care

You can look at a dentist who provides treatment on the NHS – in this case you will either be getting the treatment for free or you might be paying a nominal fee for the work. This is ideal for small treatments or if you are on a very tight budget.

Private Dental Care

If you are looking for a dentist with a high level of skill or you have very specific requirements then it may be worth considering a private dentist to undertake the work for you – this would be a more expensive option but tends to come with much more dedicated and personal care. This is ideal if you are a nervous patient and you want some extra attention from the dentist.

Denplan Dentists

If you really want to use a private dentist but you are worried you do not have the budget available then it might be worth considering a denplan dentist. Denplan is a service that allows you to budget for your private dental care and make it affordable. With Denplan you can pay off your dental bill in installments so even if the cost is fairly high you can spread it out over a reasonably long period in order to make it affordable for you to pay off.

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